FIFA 19

    FIFA 19

    FIFA 19 - The Best Football Video Game in 2018

    FIFA 19 is the annual published football simulation video game developed and published by EA Sports for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Endowed with previous hottest Ultimate Team and The Journey  as well as most creative card collection sub game the Squad Building Challenge(SBC), the game will continue its dominant position in the market for a further year. Been published in the year of 2018 World Cup, this world's best football game features great changes such as more stadiums, more human-like players, real audience atmosphere, better physical mechanism algorithm, strategies utilization and life-like graphics. Player ratings and belongings will be updated simultaneously according to FIFA authentic database. No matter you've played the previous version of this franchise or not, FIFA 19 will be rookie-friendly for its tutorial section, just practice your shooting and dribbling skills when you start the game. You can also read our professional FIFA 19 Guide to acquire some basic and advanced gameplay tricks to improve quicker!

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