Lords Mobile

    Lords Mobile have gathered lots of gems over the years and we find that IGG sell gems for way too much!

    We run Elite Labyrinth hundreds of times a day with several accounts from 50 million might up to 2 billion might to get massive Gems in stock 

    Gems are NOT transferable.We can not send GEMS.

    We are able to send TRANSFERABLE ITEMS through the GEMSTORE to other players in the same GUILD.

    So. you don't have to be in the same kingdom as I do.After payment, we will invite you to join one of our guilds.

    If you ordered for 106k Gems and you want 15-hour speed-ups. You will get 106× 15h speed-ups. Mixing up transferable items is possible

    The requested items will be delivered through guild gifting.

    We can join your guild if you are an R4. Otherwise you have to join our guild to receive your order. 

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