Raid:Shadow Legends

Raid:Shadow Legends



    How do you create your accounts?

        We create our own starter accounts, complete tutorial and collect daily login rewards. All heroes are obtained in an absolutely legal way - from shards.

    What is the accounts linked to?

        All accounts are not linked to Facebook, Apple Game Center or Google Play. They are linked only to Plarium ID. You will get it's login and password after payment.

    How far your accounts progressed through the game?

        We have completed tutorial only. Also we partially collected daily login rewards. Shards are the only resource spent on the accounts.

    What's the account's level?

        Level 2-3.

    Can I see screnshots of the account?

        We do not log into accounts manually. And we do not have the technical ability to take screenshots.

    Can I play on Android / iOS / PC / Mac with your account?

        Yes, all accounts can be used on any platform.

    Can I exchange or sell my account?

        No, we do not exchange or buy accounts.

    What will I get after payment?

        You will get login and password of Plarium ID.

    Can my account be banned or returned?

        We create accounts ourselves. You are the first owner. We guarantee the security of your account while you follow this rules:

        1. Do not contact Plarium Support! The consequences are unpredictable!

         2. Do not share your account's email and password.

         3. Do not tell that you have bought account in the in-game chats (clan chat too).

         4. Do not log in to several (3 or more) accounts on the same device.

         5. Do not violate Plarium's license agreement and game rules.

    How fast will I get my account after payment?

        You will get login data within a couple of minutes after payment. 

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