Aion Classic is launching in the west on June 23


After a few days of teasing, NCsoft West confirms the launch of the Aion Classic on the North American continent, starting June 23. The game will be distributed free-to-play, with an optional subscription and Battle Pass. "Aion more than doubled …

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How and where to sell a RAID: SL account


Is it possible to sell a RAID account? Let us tell you about this and about all the risks.

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Best Legendary for a starter account?


we suggest you to buy a starter account for maybe 30 bucks, saves you potential weeks of rolling and still not having it even after 10 hours a day at it. and we suggest martyr, big un (campaign and farming for himself to 60 then other 60s) or dutchess…

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There Arrives Apex Legends Battle Pass and Season One, Bringing Free Rewards for Everyone


"The team is already hard at work on tons of top-secret new stuff we’ll be adding to the game this year and beyond," producer Drew McCoy said. “First up will be the launch of Season 1 in March when we introduce a Battle Pass.” After many …

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About data transfer from old website to the new one


Dear customer ,welcome to visit our new webite ,please note that igxmart is not getting any new order .if you want to buy materials, you can go to and enjoy member discount there.all of vip member has been successfully transfered from……

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Benefits the Players can Get from Elder Scrolls Online Anniversary


Elder Scrolls Online has celebrated their second anniversary of Elder Scrolls Online by throwing an event enticing players to log in and play the game throughout this week. So what benifes can the players get? This event will let players take advanta…

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About hay day farm account security


Please do not buy diamonds from non-official websites.We dont sell diamonds .our materials are all made by hand ,we have 100K farms and 100 teamworkers .no bot or hacker were used on production in order to guarantee theSafety of your farm .we have 6 y…

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Delivery guide with hay day materials


Delivery arrangement :First Step (choice one method from the following) :1 .we will add you on farm tagplease let us know when you decided which way to get your order .Tips : please give us valid contacting method like facebook or skype when you are m…

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New Year 2019 Discount


New Year 2019 Discount .Welcome to Mmokr.COM. We are excited to say “Happy New Year” to all nice customers of us, and kindly hope you have a wonderful new year holiday. 2018 has been gone, new year 2019 is coming to us! We would like to give you the…

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